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For simple and easy maintenance data management

Blade inspection and repair

WINDHUB™ PLATFORM Manages the whole blade maintenance process

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Windhub™ is not only integrated into your data flow, it facilitates collaboration without without breaking it.

Inspection data collection



Windhub™ Web App

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Site, turbines and blade management



Easy to use, the web app helps you organize, plan and visualize your blade inspection and repair activities.

Windhub™ has all the tools you need to manage your blade maintenance activities whether your are an operator or a service provider.

NEW Windhub™ Photo Manager

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Built to adapt to any data source

Integrated with Windhub™ system

Photo editing functionalities

The photo manager takes care of your pictures but also the data that comes with them. The template system takes the source inspection information and translates it so it can be merged into the Windhub™ platform.

The desktop application allows you to select only the pertinent inspection information, and add it to the Windhub™ Platform. You are then ready to proceed with repairs.

Windhub™ Mobile

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Collects blade inspection and repair data

Available on IOS and Android

Works without internet connection

Windhub™ Mobile is a key component of the system. The app syncs with the Windhub™ Platform and gives to the user the tasks he or she needs to execute.

With the new repair template feature that comes with the web application, you can give specific instructions on how to do a repair task. You can even specify the products and tools to be used.

NEW Repair template manager feature


Manage products and tools

Products and Tools


Create templates

Create a Repair Template


Add products and tools to your repair steps

Add Products And Tools


Link a template when creating a repair

Link Template to Repair


Automatically created repair steps on mobile device

Steps On Device


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Varied and flexible subscription conditions

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Mobile and Web applications come as basic

You can opt for a short or long term subscription. You can also retrieve your data at any time.

A basic subscription includes Windhub™ web application and Windhub™ Mobile. The Photo Manager desktop application is optional.

Trial version available

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Contact us to have access to the trial version of Windhub™