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For simple and easy maintenance data management

Blade inspection and repair

Collect and share coherent data


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WindHubtm : Tailor-made for the wind industry

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Document and photo management

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Coherent Data

Your inspection and repair data becomes available in digital format. They are collected by a mobile device and stored in a secure database. No continuous Internet connection required to operate.

A single data format for all your inspections whether carried out by your teams or ISPs. They are available for analysis and monitoring.


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Integrate your processes

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Real time reporting

Choose with whom to share your projects. Your inspection and repair projects are one. Easily create your repair projects from your inspections.

The automatic generator allows you to publish the results of your blade inspection and repair activities in real time.


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Locate your projects

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Simplified planning

You can position and visualize your sites, projects, wind turbines on a satellite map.

The tracking tool allows you to plan and to know at any time the progress of the works.


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Hosted on a dedicated server

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Local installation is possible*

Your data is stored on a dedicated secure server.

Want to have full control over your data? The application and the database can be hosted locally.

* With a local WindHub™ installation, you lose the possibility to share with other platform users.


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Mobile applications

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Varied and flexible subscription conditions

The mobile application is available on IOS and Android.

You can opt for a short or long term subscription. You can also retrieve your data at any time.